Tarps - Fast Track

Need it in a HURRY!!!! We have a limited selection of our most popular sizes and colors FAST TRACK READY. These Tarps are 100% complete, just select the available options you’d like and your new tarp will be on it’s way to you in under 1 week. Due to the speed with which FAST TRACK READY Tarps are shipped your order can not be canceled or changed once it is placed.

Constructed from a super low stretch 1.1/oz 20d Sil/PU coated Ripstop Polyester (Fabric Finished Weight 1.24/oz SY). Polyester based fabrics have much less stretch than traditionally used nylon based fabrics. This means your tarp will stay taut throughout the night, performing more efficiently than a nylon based tarp would. Sil/PU Polyester also has the advantage of naturally repelling water, resulting in your tarp being much lighter when wet and pack up much smaller as it will not absorb water like a traditional Silnylon will.